Current Research

The faculty of Veterinary Medicine performs fundamental and strategic research focused on health, disease and wellbeing of animals and on related public and environmental health aspects.

Research is organized in five thematic interdisciplinary research programs with the purpose to promote scientific innovation at the interface between disciplines and to create a challenging research environment for high potential scientists. The thematic research programs are embedded in research focus areas of Utrecht University; interfacultary multidisciplinary clusters bringing together top-class research groups in thematic priority fields.

The research programmes are Biology of Reproductive Cells, Tissue Repair, Emotion and Cognition, Risk Assessment of Toxic and Immunomodulatory Agents, Strategic Infection Biology and Advances in Veterinary Medicine.

The faculty’s research institute, the Institute of Veterinary Research (IVR), covers all research performed at the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, including the interfacultary Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences.


Clinical Services

Utrecht faculty of veterinary medicine provides veterinary care in three clinics: the university clinic for companion animals, the equine university clinic and the ambulatory clinic for farm animals. In most cases is a referral from the local veterinarian necessary to make an appointment at one of the clinics.

Jeannette Donkervoetgebouw: University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and PharmacyThe University Clinic for Companion Animals provides veterinary care for companion animals in a range of disciplines, namely general internal medicine, cardiology-pulmonology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastro-enterology, hematology, hepatology, nefrology, neurology, oncology, reproduction, general surgery, orthopaedic surgery, neurological surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, anesthesiology, diagnostic imaging, clinical nutrition and radiotherapy. Special divisions are the emergency clinic, animal behaviour clinic and department of birds and special companion animals (rodents, rabits, reptiles, amphibians and ferrets).

The Equine Clinic is the academic veterinary hospital specialised in treatment and care of horses and other equines (ponies, zebras and donkeys). It provides high quality veterinary medical care thanks to a unique combination of specialists, excellent facilities and a broad programme of clinical scientific research. Special departments are the reproduction department and the foal brigade.

About us

IVSA stands for International Veterinary Students' Association. We arrange individual internships abroad and individual internships here in the Netherlands for foreign veterinary students.


  • 15.06.2018-17.06.2018 2nd European Veterinary Students Seminar in Zagreb, Croatia
  • 16.07.2018-27.07.2018 67th IVSA Congress in Kraków, Poland