Introducing the Local Veterinary Public Health Officers

Two years ago, a new IVSA global committee was founded: the Standing Committee on One Health (SCOH).  The purpose of the IVSA, by creating this new Committee, is to establish a worldwide collaboration in One Health awareness. In order to do so, the new positions of Local Veterinary Public Health Officers (LVPHO) were introduced. The Dutch representatives – Fiona van Kaam and Tierney  Mepham – will form the link between the SCOH and IVSA The Netherlands. But why do we need One Health officers?

Collaboration and activities
Over the last couple of months, IVSA has put a lot of work in establishing valuable interdisciplinary contacts : including the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA). The IFMSA acts as the IVSA counterpart for medical students. We can use this collaboration to organize interesting events for both medical and veterinary students. For example, a brainstorm session concerning the One health issue and a workshop about the animal clinical examination were held by the IVSA LVPHO’s at different IFMSA events. By organizing these activities, students are shown that there is a huge overlap between the two disciplines and that cooperation could be extremely useful.

At the moment the IVSA  is cooperating with IFMSA (and Hygieia) by organizing Dr. House lectures, which are already extremely popular among the medical students. Medical experts lead the conversation and challenge the students by questioning the events taking place in the House M.D. tv series.

Finally, IVSA The Netherlands played an important role in the organization of the One Health Students Congress which was held in april 2015 at the faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht. We sincerely hope to be able to organize this students congress for the second time together with the students associations D.S.K., Hygieia, SAMS, UP and Mebiose in 2016.

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About us

IVSA stands for International Veterinary Students' Association. We arrange individual internships abroad and individual internships here in the Netherlands for foreign veterinary students.


  • 15.06.2018-17.06.2018 2nd European Veterinary Students Seminar in Zagreb, Croatia
  • 16.07.2018-27.07.2018 67th IVSA Congress in Kraków, Poland