64th IVSA Congress Romania

Romania congres
From 27th July to 9th August 2015 IVSA The Netherlands took part in the 64th IVSA Congress in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 
Veterinary students, who are part of IVSA member organisations from all over the world, participated in this congress; a unique experience! The congress had around a hundred participants and was filled with lectures, workshops, trips and General Assemblies, the core business of IVSA.
General Assemblies (GA’s) are meetings for all IVSA members from the participating countries. During GA’s we chose the new Executive Committee, Secretariat, Trustees as well as the Chairs for the IVSA Standing Committees and Working Groups: Animal Welfare Committee (AWC), Standing Commitee on One Health (SCOH), Standing Commitee on Veterinary Education (SCoVE), Working Group on Alumni and the Working Group on Position Papers and Policy Papers. Also, an update on all the current activities, projects and partnerships established by IVSA Global was given during the GA’s, most of the time by our Dutch Emma, this year’s President of IVSA Global and also Chairman for leading the GA. For example, the partner agreements with the OIE, WHSA, Vetstream, VetPD and Wikivet were approved at the congress and together we voted on the country where the symposium 1½ years away will take place.
Lectures were about different branches of veterinary medicine, for example about aquatic medicine, basics of animal assisted therapy, tick borne diseases, obesity in animals (provided by Hill’s Animal Nutrition) and exotic animal medicine. Some workshops topics were basic procedures for the emergency patient, determining estrus in bitches and endoscopy.
During our trips we visited the city centre of Cluj-Napoca, the Alba Julia fortress, the faculties didactic farm in Cojocna, the Beclean Stud farm, the Recea natural bison reservation area, the Zarnesti bear sancturary, the Peles Castle and the famous salt mine in Turda. We also went hiking upwards to the Turda Plateau in Turda Gorge and we relaxed a bit at a swimmingpool with an aquabar. Furthermore we had a lot of incredible party’s (the picture was taken at a foam party in the middle of the street organised as part of the congress).
During the congress a live and silent auction were held in order to raise funding for the IVSA Development Fund, which aim is to provide support and resources to vet schools in underprivileged countries. The collected money is more than €3000,- and together with the money collected during the Symposium in UK&Ireland last winter, this makes more than €6000,- of which Hill’s doubles €5000,- of that amount of money!
During Cultural Evening we had the possibility to enjoy traditional food and liquor from a lot of different countries and experienced their cultures in a really pleasant way. During the International Stands hour the next day we had a chance to present our national IVSA member organisation, our university and faculty and of course the upcoming European Veterinary Student Seminar (EVSS) which will be held in October 2016 in Utrecht and organized by IVSA The Netherlands.
To conclude, those weeks were two amazing weeks; meeting lots of incredible vet students from 31 different countries and leaving lots of incredible life-long-lasting memories. We now even more realize how special IVSA is and we are so proud to be part of the IVSA family!
A really big hug to the Organizing Committee of IVSA Cluj-Napoca for the excellent organization and for making this congress in the beautiful Transylvania possible!

Denise van Eekelen (President Chapter)
Caroline Bulstra (EO Chapter)
Kiki Streng (Secretary Chapter)
Emma van Rooijen (President of IVSA Global 2014/2015)
Trudy de Jong (amazing IVSA Member)

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IVSA stands for International Veterinary Students' Association. We arrange individual internships abroad and individual internships here in the Netherlands for foreign veterinary students.


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