61st IVSA Congress Norway

congress 200 100 200 100In July 2012 five people from the Dutch OC participated in the 61st IVSA Congress in Norway. At first we didn’t quite know what to expect from Norway or the congress, as most of us had never been to one. However, it turned out to be a great success. We would like to thank the OC for the warm welcome we received on arrival at the university and the hospitality of the Norwegians during the congress. We were prepared for a week full of interesting lectures and workshops (and a bit of partying of course) and weren’t disappointed! For example, it was very fascinating to discover how important salmon is as a product in Norway and how this effects veterinarians there. In Holland almost none of the veterinarians actually deal with fish and therefore, as a student, it is not a part of our standard curriculum. Because the sector is much bigger in Norway, it is a more important part of the teaching there. It was great to experience this. Other great parts of the congress were the live and silent auction, with which a good amount of money was raised for the Development Fund. The best part of it was that all the countries participated in order to raise as much money as they could. We learned a lot from the congress in Norway and now we're looking forward to host our own congress, to meet new people and help people from all countries. Because that’s what IVSA stands for.

About us

IVSA stands for International Veterinary Students' Association. We arrange individual internships abroad and individual internships here in the Netherlands for foreign veterinary students.


  • 15.06.2018-17.06.2018 2nd European Veterinary Students Seminar in Zagreb, Croatia
  • 16.07.2018-27.07.2018 67th IVSA Congress in Kraków, Poland