Congress and Symposium

The IVSA (International Veterinary Students Association) is a worldwide organization run by veterinary students for veterinary students worldwide. The aim of the IVSA is to promote the exchange of knowledge, expertise and friendships in a veterinary world without borders.

Two of the most important means to make this happen are the meetings organized twice a year. These take place in the form of a Congress during summer for 10 days and a symposium during winter for 8 days. Every congress and symposium will be organized by a different IVSA Chapter in a different country. This allows each chapter member the unique chance to show the veterinary students what they have to offer and students from all over the world get a chance to look at other faculties and see how they work.

Of course the congresses and symposia are also an excellent opportunity to meet new people, make life long friends and travel the world and see all the hotspots of a different country in a most convenient way.

During the time that we spent together you get to see the hosting faculty, listen to lectures by the most respected professors of that university, get a chance to practice your skills in wet labs and expand your veterinary knowledge. There will also be time set aside to listen to the ExCo (the IVSA board) in general assemblies and discuss pressing issues concerning the IVSA. 
However this is not all! There is also enough time to socialize, meet new people and discover the beauties of the hosing country (both nature and people). This means your nights will be filled with activities and be warned….. the local pubs will not be forgotten!

About us

IVSA stands for International Veterinary Students' Association. We arrange individual internships abroad and individual internships here in the Netherlands for foreign veterinary students.


  • 15.06.2018-17.06.2018 2nd European Veterinary Students Seminar in Zagreb, Croatia
  • 16.07.2018-27.07.2018 67th IVSA Congress in Kraków, Poland